An Interview With A Viking


I am Carlene Ferguson the activities and events coordinator for Talona Ridge RV Resort and we are here with Darren Wesley on our outdoor adventure event weekend as our sneak peek inviting guests locals and all across the southeast invited them here this weekend to come see the resort and see what we have going on our sneak peek and I wanted to introduce Darren Wesley with Viking Outdoor who is uh the designer of our whole lighting system for the resort and it is spectacular we got to see it for the first time this past weekend really lit up and it’s beautiful

Darren I just wanted to ask you how did you get involved with this project?

That’s a great question. So I have done outdoor lighting now for about 27 years there’s not a whole lot with outdoor lighting that I haven’t done. I moved here to Ellijay really just to bring outdoor lighting to this community and lo and behold here’s a project that I was called in on where the original design of Talona Ridge had incorporated like most other commercial projects uh street lights the issue with that as a camper if you’re going to come to Talona Ridge here in Ellijay Georgia at the top of this beautiful mountain you wouldn’t be able to see the stars with street lights right.

So the developers of Talona Ridge were looking for solutions. They approached the chamber of commerce and the chamber of commerce says I think we have a pretty good guy here so we talked and basically what we came up with was a solution that not only would be functional but would add a dimension of elegance to the project and the functionality of it to help campers out and, you have to bear with me I’ll explain that, so what we came up with was a fixture that actually gets mounted into the concrete itself.

It’s basically flush mount but only sticks up about an inch or so it allows the RV’s to run right over them. They’re basically indestructible and I have seen that and they have run right over them and they were still there after so I was like a little nervous with our first RV going over it and they were great absolutely so they stay intact.

Yeah, now here’s the cool thing in the beauty of what we’re going to do that’s going to set Talona in a completely different category if you are in our area and you happen to show up in Ellijay Georgia at 10:30 at night, you’re tired you might be a little cranky because the dogs have been barking and the kids are cranky. All that you pull in who wants to after you check in right around looking for lot numbers.

Nobody wants to but what if you could pull into Talona Ridge, you’re sitting at check-in and they just say Miss Ferguson if you would just do us a favor drive up the hill and just follow the road until you get to the purple spot. How easy would that be?

So here’s how we set it up from check-in each one of these pads is set up as its own system they can push a button for say a lot 82 and change that one lot to any color imaginable. There’s 30 000 different options but beyond that, we can now theme this part for weddings, for other events, for holidays, we can change all the parking pads to green or purple or lavender whatever floats your boat.

But then the trees that we’ve also uploaded we can change the color of those as well. Let’s say Fourth of July, yeah we can have all the lights rotate through red white and blue. Basically this is going to be the most dazzling spectacle of outdoor lighting that’s ever been done. There’s never been a project like this anywhere so cool. We’re so excited because the lighting just adds this great ambiance you know it without being obnoxious just elegant and beautiful.

What you’ve done so far so well that’s the beauty I’ve I’ve for many many years have promoted this education about outdoor lighting and true outdoor lighting. The problem with the street lights they completely block your view so people up here in the mountains we want to see the stars by having even an up light below your your vantage point it doesn’t affect the stars at all.

So you can see lightning, you can see the stars, you can count the stars, you can do everything that you want to do here at Talona Ridge while maintaining the functionality of being able to walk around at night, have a cocktail, socialize with your friends. All these things are going to be possible while you feel like you’re just in the middle of nowhere looking at the stars.

Exactly, that’s it and just the other night that’s exactly what I did. I walked around in between the pads just looking up and you could totally see the stars and then there’s just this beautiful soft lighting right below. That allowed me to walk anywhere i wanted to.

Very cool you did a great job. We are so thankful to have you. I think we got some more surprises coming from Talona over the next month so I think. So stay tuned.

That’s exactly right. Thanks Darren for being here

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